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Marketing for B2B and B2C IDEAIFY s.r.o. – Pavel Hrejsemnou

Marketing for B2B and B2C IDEAIFY s.r.o. – Pavel HrejsemnouPavel Hrejsemnou2024-04-15T11:16:54+01:00

Let’s strategize together for your B2B and B2C business

Online marketing pro zajištění udržení zákazníků, potenciálních zákazníků a prodeje. Specializujeme se na obsahový marketing pro B2B a B2C společnosti.

  • Your business growth

with Paul Hrejsemnou

Pavel Hrejsemnou is a practitioner who combines his skills as a photographer, videographer, marketer and webmaster together. Although these roles may appear different at first glance, they are in fact intertwined and complementary. After all, in today’s world, teamwork is key to achieving success.

With his photography skills, Pavel creates stunning original visual content, which the marketer then connects with the target audience to achieve business goals. As a webmaster, he is able to bridge the two worlds and maximize their potential through the use of SEO. This unique combination of skills allows Pavel Hrejsemnou to achieve great results and success in organic search.

  • Digital marketing

For your B2B or B2C business

We specialise in innovative content marketing and effective social media management, without the need to invest in paid advertising. We are dedicated to helping your business engage and involve your target audience through quality, targeted content.

  • CEO, CSO and CMO training

Crisis marketing at the company level

Mentoring for CEOs, CMOs and CSOs in content marketing is a key tool for achieving professional excellence and success in this strategic discipline. This program provides executives with the necessary knowledge, support and encouragement to achieve their content marketing goals.

  • Managing and creating websites in WordPress

Creation, management and SEO

Your website is the calling card of your personality or business. We only have one chance to engage the visitor when they visit. That’s why it’s important to have a professional website that doesn’t stay in an amateur coat. Regular service and carefully set up SEO are a must for success today.

  • Photo-video production

Scripts, production, post-production

Stand out from the crowd and present your company in a short video or photos! With us, experience creative ideas, a great script and top-notch production and post-production. We create videos in 4K and 8K resolution.

Individual tailor-made photography courses in Kutná Hora

Discover your photographic potential with our tailor-made photography courses! Do you want to improve your skills and create beautiful photos under the guidance of a professional photographer? Our courses are designed to meet your exact needs and goals. Regardless of your skill level, we will ensure that you become a master of your camera. Join us on a photography adventure and leave an unforgettable mark on your images. Gain skills that will last a lifetime. Embark on a journey to create photographic works of art!

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Pavel Hrejsemnou, CEO IDEAIFY s.r.o.
Pavel Hrejsemnou

Marketing expert

S našimi strategiemi a kreativním přístupem budete mít vše, co potřebujete k růstu a úspěchu ve svém podnikání. Společně dosáhneme vašich cílů a posuneme vaše podnikání na další úroveň.

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Let’s get together

With our help, you’ll stay ahead of the trends that change every day in the dynamic world of marketing!

„Content marketing, photo-video production, SEO optimization and mentoring are key elements of success in the digital world. Quality content supported by marketing strategies attracts attention and builds relationships. Photo-video production can capture moments and turn them into visual stories. SEO optimization ensures visibility and attracts organic traffic. Mentoring is the light that leads to personal and professional growth. Combine these elements and you open the door to new opportunities on the road to success.“

Pavel Hrejsemnou, CEO IDEAIFY s.r.o.
Pavel Hrejsemnou
Marketingový expert a fotograf

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